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Welcome to Meditation in Motion... A Yoga Adventure Company

You're a yogi. Or maybe you're someone who, like many of us, is searching for more meaning in your life, and a way to get "unstuck" and elevate yourself to the next level.

My name is Julia Jones and I am a 500 RYT (registered yoga teacher). Utilizing the tools I've mastered through extensive yoga training and teaching, motivational speaking, and simply my own life hurdles, I will help you build self-awareness, alter negative thought patterns, and regain yourself. My yoga-inspired retreats and programs are specially designed to manifest positivity through the power of physical movement and breath.

If you're looking for a life with more joy, gratitude, peace and over all sense of well being-come to a Meditation in Motion Yoga Vacation Retreat. Isn't it time you decided to move your life forward? 


Thoughts become actions. Choose wisely.
The Yoga Journal just published a great article on "Meditation in Motion." Click here to read.
Julia's Email