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Meditation in Motion blends science and yoga, movement and breath, and focuses on learning, practicing, and incorporating positive thought rituals into everyday life. 

We all want to feel good and be happy. As a yoga teacher, I created Meditation in Motion to help others develop positive thought habits both on and off the mat, utilizing tools that train our mind and body to work for us, instead of against us. We have all experienced moments in our life when we feel as though we are fighting the current by swimming upstream. Opening up the body helps to open up the mind and heart, thereby allowing us to find a down stream flow.

Movement in general and yoga specifically work on a physical level to create balance, strengthen our muscles and joints, increase flexibility, and massage our organs and nervous system. In yoga, the body follows the breath and this helps to manifest intention, which, in turn, produces profound changes in the positive neurotransmitters in the brain. Our mind benefits from sustained balance, strength and flexibility. Feeding both the mind and the body a "diet" of positivity transforms us into beings that consistently experience joy, peace, love, gratitude, and hope. 

You have the power to train your mind and body to serve you, to quit repeating the cycle of negative thinking that assaults you on a daily basis and numbs you over time. We are designed to live in harmony with our true self and core essence, and to tune into our thoughts and feelings so they work for us. We are meant to go with the flow and not swim against it. 

Meditation in Motion will teach you how to truly listen to your body and mind, and encourage you to acknowledge your innate strengths so you are open to tapping into happiness signals. Being true to YOU will lead you to your highest self and ultimately, a state of bliss. 

What is Meditation in Motion?
Julia Jones leads a hike (above) and teaches yoga in the park (below).
Thoughts become actions. Choose wisely.